• Auto Repair

    J and J repair technicians

    Our highly talented technicians from left to right: Jim, Jimmy, and Skip. We are committed to quality craftsmanship, whatever your make of car; plus we back our work with a two-year guarantee. We address all needs from major damage to small dings in the body. We will insure your vehicle looks as good as it did before damaged, is safe, and handles to design specifications.

  • Fleet Repair

    Skip repairing a fleet van

    Skip repairing an Aits fleet van. Ask us about our fleet accounts. We will keep your fleet looking new and ready for business.

  • Restoration

    Corvette restored at J and J

    Our experienced craftsmen can restore your classic auto to an award-winning-car-show gem.

  • Auto Body Painting

    Jimmy finishing a paint job with a good polishing.

    Jimmy finishing a paint job with a good polishing. Our paint service includes: electronic color matching system, custom painting, pin stripes, flames, designs, logos, refinishing, peeling or fading paint, rock chips and scratches, touch-up & chrome.

  • Glass Replacement

    replacement windshield

    Your windshield and windows are part of your vehicle's safety system. Windshields are made from two pieces of glass laminated together with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) plastic. When windshields are struck, the PVB in the middle is designed to hold the broken glass together and hold the striking object.  This helps to keep vehicle occupants from being ejected and helps keep the roof from collapsing. When we replace them, we insure that they meet design specifications for strength and beauty.

  • Frame Alignment

    Precision frame aligning equipment

    Our precision frame aligning equipment.
    A collision may affect the integrity of your body frame, which can lead to poor handling and safety issues. We will insure that your frame can be brought back to its design specifications before we classify your vehicle as repairable. Then we will use precision tools to align it properly.

  • Preserving Our Environment

    view of Monterey Bay

    We strive to make a difference in the protection of our environment. We recycle metals, and glass, reuse chemicals when possible, and dispose of waste in responsible ways. Our goal is to continue to find new and better ways to minimize waste and emissions from our shop.

  • U Haul Rentals


    We are a U-Haul rental office for your convenience.