Auto Body Repair

building out a dented car

Skip shaping a piece needed to fill out a dent in door system.


Steps we take to repair a dent

  • Preparation:
    • Clean vehicle in area of needed repairs
    • Pull flares, porcelain, and chrome.
    • Disassemble doors and bumper.
  • Repair damage:
    • Pound out dent, or pull out using copper studs welded to the dented panel.
    • Grind paint in damaged area to underlying steel.
    • Apply polyester filler to smooth out damage.
    • Smooth area with progressively smoother grit sandpaper until area is smooth.
    • Mask area in preparation for primer.
    • Apply primer.
    • Remove masking, then clean and smooth using progressively smoother grit sandpaper.
  • Paint:
    • Mask, clean, and tack off in preparation for painting.
    • Spray a primer sealer over the repaired area, and an adhesion promoter over the rest of the panel.
    • Spray on two to three color coats.
    • Spray on two to three clear coats over the entire panel.
    • Bake dry the paint.
  • Polish:
    • Remove tape and tacking, then polish and finely sand painted ares.
    • Finally, clean and prepare vehicle for customer.